The Ultimate Web Development Course 01-01: Introduction

The Ultimate Web Development Course 01-01: Introduction

Learn ALL the major steps needed to build a fast-updating AJAX-powered dynamic website which updates on the fly with no page refresh.

Learn in LOGICAL STEPS how to:-

– Structure a website with HTML5
– Apply styling to that framework with cascading style sheets (CSS)
– Download and install XAMPP, allowing your machine to function as a local webserver
– Connect to a database using MySQLi and retrieve and insert records using prepared statements, one of the recommended ways of ensuring database security
– Replace static HTML with dynamic content drawn from the database using MySQL embedded in PHP
– Enhance the website’s appearance and functionality with jQuery
– Combine CSS, jQuery and AJAX to update the database and HTML on the fly
– Carry out essential security procedures to protect the project from hacking
– Upload the project to your web host.

All the major pieces of technology you need in this one COMPLETE, COMPREHENSIVE, and PERFECTLY ORGANIZED course available in BOTH VIDEO and E-BOOK formats to suit all learning styles.


What my students say about the course:-

It definitely is the “Ultimate” course on Web development

“I want to thank the instructor Dr Richard Stibbard for coming up with such a well organised and complete course on web development making use of the latest trends and techniques. The best thing about this course is that its very well organised and Dr Richard knows what he is teaching. Every lesson is meaningful and every word he says sits right into your brain. I am a huge fan of this course and can’t stop writing and praising enough about it. It is by far the best course on web development to take up and i can say this because i have taken other courses on udemy and trust me they all disappoint at some point.But 5 stars to Dr Richard and his course.And lastly i want to add the best thing about this course is wherever and whenever you have a query you write about it and you will get the precise answer within a day.

Many Thanks to Dr Richard !!!” – Aprajita Sambyal

“The gold standard. This course is the model that other Udemy developers should use to develop their courses. Very comprehensive, very professional. And I learned a heck of a lot too!” – Tony

“A comprehensive and challenging introduction to modern dynamic website development. This has been one of the best web courses ever. It should be used as a model by almost anyone thinking of teaching on the web. It has cleared out nearly a decade of web programming cobwebs. The fact you have made a course which is complete end-to-end is impressive. The fact that code examples all work puts nearly every programming book and most web courses to shame.” – Paul W

“One of the Best Courses on this subject available. Dr. Richard Stibbard does not rush through his explanations. His statements and points are clear and concise. He allows you to see what, why and how then he asks you to work on the rest of the example with the knowledge that you have just gained. I have taken many courses on-line and this is by far the most pleasurable I have had the opportunity to participate in. To Dr. Richard Stibbard all I can say is ‘thank you’.” – William P.

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