Vastu For Website Designing, Vastu For Web Designing, Vastu For Websites, Website Vastu, Vastu Web

Vastu For Website Designing, Vastu For Web Designing, Vastu For Websites, Website Vastu, Vastu Web
Vastu For website Designing, or, Vastu For Web Designing, are the common but technical questions, By-Dr Anand bhardwaj + 91-9811656700, # 9999256700 India- Vastu for Websites, Website Vastu, & , Vastu Websites are also a subject of Vastu because each one has got the websites & business men ask me How to attract more customers by Vastu & how to design the website so that it promotes fast. The best Vastu websites contain all the balancing of five great elements. On one hand the texture of the Vastu friendly websites to be matching with various Vastu web designing factors & then how to use Vastu in websites. The next query is how to make the best Vastu websites & those who are in the manufacturing units they want the best website designs as per Vastu Shastra. There are many tricky questions i.e is there perfection in the websites designed as per Vastu norms. Vastu rules for Vastu compliant websites should have few critical points in mind:
1. There are same 5 Vastu elements in the website which are defined in Vastu known as the five great elements of Vastu
2. The five great elements are known as the Panch Maha Bhootas,
3. These are water, fire, earth, air & space.
4. The website should be Vastu friendly so a Vastu friendly or Vastu compliant website should have all these elements in a balanced manner,
5. The websites domain name should be as per numerology. So the domain names as per vastu are essential to set as per Numerology. The domain should be as per numerology.
6. The color or background colour of the website should match with Vastu, the Aura colour of the owner,
7. The placement of phone numbers should be on the top right side because unlike the common Vastu having North on the top, the website is considered as a horizon, growing from the earth & top is the space, i.e, Akkash Tatva,
8. The Akkash tatva or the space is also there in the extreme middle of the website, but it should be light.
9. There should not be any colour deviation. The website according to Vastu should match with the Feng Shui also,
10. The font of the website should also match with the personal Vastu of the business owner.
11. The Vastu tips for website designing are the same as defined in all the three video on Vastu for websites.
12. Where to place the menu bar is also important.
It means a Vastu website or vastu friendly website should follow all the Vastu rules then it may be vastu friendly website.
Vastu websites in Hindi, Vastu Hindi websites or Vastu in Hindi are also such topics which need the Vastu help for making Vastu websites in Hindi. Hindi Vastu or Vastu in Hindi are also to be taken in the websites if the website is being designed for India exclusively.
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