Video Resume – Front End Web Developer – Laura Harris

Video Resume – Front End Web Developer – Laura Harris
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Hi everyone, soon after making this video and updating my resume I was offered a job as a Front End Developer. After I was hired I removed my information from this video. The job offer was a connection made through The Iron Yard. This video and updating my resume helped me push through the competition.

The Iron Yards network and promise to get graduates into the job field was a major part of why I chose to attend their programming boot camp. This video was inspired by Nick Belling’s video resume. I wanted something simple, friendly, and better than a typical paper resume.

With the help of my brother, who is a videographer, we developed this video in a few days. It’s a bit awkward walking into a job interview and have everyone tell you how much they loved your video. I now have an amazing job where I learn new development skills and awesome coworkers that bring their A game every day.

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