Web Development In Year 2020

Web Development In Year 2020
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The Complete Web Developer Course – Build 14 Websites ☞
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With just 5 years to go until The Future™ officially starts in 2020, it’s time to pull on your lycra-and-tinfoil onesie, pick out the colour of your hovercar, and consider the technologies you’ll use for your upcoming web projects.

Thanks to a temporal wormhole triggered by a freak SharePoint misconfiguration, I can exclusively reveal the architecture of a web app designed several years in the future. Some of it is predictable ES6/7 stuff – web components, shadow DOM, etc. – but then it gets into metaprogramming, cross-compilation from native code, advanced parallelism techniques, layout *without* CSS, and more.

In this demo-centric session I’ll show you each of these likely upcoming web technologies. Most of them are impossible (or at least downright irresponsible) to use in production web apps today, but seeing them in action will give you a sense of the possibilities that may soon open up.

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