What Is Frontend And Backend Web Development

What Is Frontend And Backend Web Development
The frontend of a website is what you see and interact with on your browser. Also referred to as “client-side”, it includes everything the user experiences directly: from text and colors to buttons, images,
and navigation menus.

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Frontend Languages

HTML – standard markup language for creating
Web pages.

CSS – describes how HTML elements are to be
displayed on screen, paper, or in other media

JavaScript – programming language used for
more interactive elements like drop down
menus, modal windows, and contact forms.

The backend (or “server-side”) is the
portion of the website you don’t see. It’s
responsible for storing and organizing
data, and ensuring everything on the
client-side actually works. The backend
communicates with the front-end,
sending and receiving information to be
displayed as a web page.

Common Backend Languages & Database

1 – Ruby
2 – PHP
3- Java
4 – .Net
5- Python
6- MySQL, SQL Server, PostgresSQL
7- Oracle.

– Front-end is what you see
– web designers are more focused on
the front-end.

– Back-end is how it works.
– web programmers are more concerned
about back-end development.

You use frontend languages to make your website look great and easy to navigate. Behind the scenes, the backend holds together all the frontend components, and makes it possible to do things like store purchase history and product details, create secure editable user accounts, and more.

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