Why Become A Web Developer In 2017

Why Become A Web Developer In 2017
Why become a web developer in 2017? Well there’s so many reasons not only is a fun Job, easy to find and apply for jobs, also one of the highest paying jobs in the world, plus you will be part of a great community. You can become a front end developer or a backend developer and this only the beginning of a great career.

Wondering how I became a web developer? well simple I took this 5 courses.

Check the links below all earning will be given to less fortunate developers. Lets help each other out.

PHP and Mysql

Full Stack NodeJS Bootcamp

JavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts

ES6 Javascript

Learn React

Please watch: “Javascript Variables for beginners”


Why do a career change and become a web developer in 2017?
I explain in simple words why you should make the switch for 2017. I made this video for my friends who I’ve seen struggling or just not happy with their current careers.


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