You Can’t Become A Developer In A 3 Month Bootcamp

You Can’t Become A Developer In A 3 Month Bootcamp
The truth about bootcamps that lie to students and tell them they will be able to get 100k salary. I’m talking about bootcamps. People should not pay for a bootcamp if they can learn on their own like you are saying. You can become a junior front end developer but a “Web Developer” is knowing the front end and the backend. That you can’t learn in 3 months.

And yes you will be able to find some jobs but you can’t expect to get 100k salary with 3 months. Doctors spend 8 years of school and they make 250k so you can’t think as a junior developer just because you go to a bootcamp you are going to be able to make 1/2 of what a doctor makes thats not how life works. This video is a reality check helping people to stay grounded and understand paying money to a bootcamp wont speed up your process of learning.


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